Coulson Entertainment has a fully functioning, exact replica of Marine One; a truly one-of-a kind prop. Not only is the aircraft fully authenticated to the current presidential interior and exterior specifications, the aircraft itself was once part of the Presidential Fleet. At Coulson Entertainment we take the design, construction and operation of our props to the next level.


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Coulson Entertainment’s aircraft have been starring in some recent blockbusters.
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Get to the chopper with Bryan Singer as he scans X-MEN: APOCALYPSE outdoor set.
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Coulson Aircrane—a division of The Coulson Group; is a global leader in aviation, operating both fixed wing and rotor-wing aircraft. Our fleet of aircraft combined with our in-house manufacturing and design work as well as our paint and upholstery shops make us the perfect company to assist you with your aviation and vehicle prop needs. There is no challenge too big.